As more and more European associations opt to outsource part of their work or bring in external expertise to enhance their programmes, Eamonn Bates Europe provides real solutions for busy association executives.

Our firm has particularly long experience in working effectively with sectorial associations, advising, supporting or managing specific programmes and activities or, indeed, running the entire secretariat function. Over the years many of our most successful assignments have been carried out for associations and this tradition goes on. Few public affairs companies in Brussels have such a track record. Don’t hesitate to ask for our references.

In this section we refer to several services which are specific to European association or not-for-profit organisation. But, in fact, almost all the services and activities described elsewhere on our website can and are carried out for associations – public affairs strategies and programmes; lobbying campaigns; information and writing services; website design and implementation; press relations; event management; etc.

The difference between a European association and, say, a company or a government, is the way in which positions are established and activities agreed, building up to the final output or deliverable. This is because the typical association requires a careful and often time-consuming process of consensus-building at each step along the way. Ideally, every member has to “buy in” and be taken along in the process. We understand that acutely well.

European associations with their international flavour and structural peculiarities require special skills of the public affairs consultant. Eamonn Bates Europe has these skills and experience, which is why it has been so successful over the years in running programmes for many associations.