What about opening a farm in the European Parliament?

Maybe it’s time to find a spot for cows and pigs around the European Parliament… Why? Because in the hemicycle we have some experienced farm owners amongst the members of the parliament and there is certainly enough expertise for MEPs to start an own-operation and keep the Parliament fully supplied! Some examples? The Dutch Annie Schreijer-Pierik runs a pig farm with her husband and son in Hengevelde, where she takes care of three thousand pigs.

We also have our cow expert: the Danish Asger Christensen. His 650 dairy cows produce 6.9 million litres of milk per year! Not only does he have an almost 30 year experience in farming, but he’s also an experienced cyclist since he decided to bike from his farm in Denmark to Brussels for his first day of work. We appeal to all the farmers MEPs: let’s populate the plenary of pigs and cows to have a greener Parliament!

However, members of the Animal Party in the EP may have another view – there are 3 of them: Anja Hazekamp (Netherlands), Martin Buschmann (Germany) and Francisco Guerreiro (Portugal).

Need to contact the AGRI committee but you don’t have the time to compile a contact list yourself? Let us do the job for you! Check out The MEP Database: e-Contacts EP!

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